world artist
Alberto Cerritos

Burnaby, B.C., Canada
Vancouver (Canada)


sculpture on  various materials,  1.50m x 1 m cm, 2005


digital art on  digital,  384 x 288 pxls. cm, 2004


Altar For Peace 1
digital art on  digital,  2007


Altar For Peace 2
digital art on  digital,  2007


Altar For Peace14
digital art on  digital,  2007


Altar For Peace17
digital art on  digital, 


Altar For Peace38
digital art on  digital,  2007


Altar For Peace4
digital art on  digital,  2007


Altar For Peace9
digital art on  digital,  2007


digital art on  digital,  2007


Apple 1
sculpture on  metal,  2.50 x 3 mts cm, 2004


Camara Oscura
mixed media on  various materials,  0.60 cms x 0.40 cms cm, 2006


sculpture on  various materials,  0.80 cms x 0.30 cms x 0.25 cms cm, 2006


sculpture on  various materials,  2m x 0.80cms x 0.50cms cm, 2005


digital art on  metal,  .76 x .58 cms cm, 2004




Alberto Cerritos
Painter, Sculptor, Digital Artist and Muralist.

Alberto Cerritos was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. He graduated from la Escuela de Pintura de la Dirección General de Bellas Artes de El Salvador in 1967 and from la Academia Nacional de Escultura Uquxkah in 1970.
His small bronze sculptures maintain a direct relationship with his stone monuments through their unity of form and space. From his small drawings to his large canvasses, his work is characterized by a strong and personal symbolism related to contemporary language.
His work has been presented in group and solo shows in San Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico D.F, Monterrey, Puebla, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, New York, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Vancouver,
Barcelona, Madrid, Rioja Spain, Argentina and Changchun, China.

In 1993 he traveled in a cultural Canadian tour to West Africa for exhibitions and painting murals to Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal.
He has been a member of the Sociedad de Artistas Plasticos Mexicanos (SOMART) since 1987, and of Arts in Action Society from 1989 to 1993.
Actually he is a member of (UNARTES) The Salvadorian Society for Artists and Writers as well of (COMAV) The Worldwide Visual Arts Council. He represents both of them in Canada.
He is a member of La Raza Group from Montreal, Canada, as well the Founder and actual Chairman of Group 21 Plus which represents visual artists from 33 countries.
Since 1995 up to date he has been dedicated to develop Digital Art as well to the research and developments of an aesthetics for the Third Millennium and Complex Art.

Alberto Cerritos: Complex Art, Electronic Art and Speculative Expressionism.

Alberto Cerritos is a universal artist actually living in British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He is a Canadian citizen but he was born in El Salvador. His multidiscipline creative activity comprehends a very extensive production of painting, sculpture, digital
work and murals.
He is a Theorists, Poet and Writer, author of the Theory of Complex Art
a theory in which he talks about the new art path as well the new labyrinths and dynamics in the world of art today. He defines that passion is the way of today’s mind, which transforms the coldness of technology to vibration fever. He analyzes art responsibilities
on the technological Era, when we question traditional values even though they do not tend to disappear and are to be enriched instead.
Consequently this Era combines Analytical Synthesis with the free expression of visual fusions of diverse origin.

His artwork generally speaking is a kind of speculative expressionism because he searches for a symbiosis between technology elements and cybernetic contributions, with the primitive iconic mostly from ancient native cultures. We could say that it is from there he gets a
remarkable worldwide character, supporting with force the emblematic painting and signs, nurtured by contrasted colours, combined with intense digital series, full of metaphors and references like the one called Narcissus, Cyber Heart or Venus through his very
extensive digital production formed by more of forty different series or on his painted canvasses.

He is a contemporary artist who does not renounce to the past, going into the trails of the primitive just to put in evidence the contradictions of the visual art of today. We are living a very authentic fusion of concepts, but at the same time we verify the escape from historic reality, creating a labyrinth in which we are going to repeat concepts that in the historic avant-garde we faced with notably depth. Is from there than Alberto Cerritos prefers to go for the social subject, conveying to his cosmic vision worldwide intention as well the preponderance of colour, visceral and passionate understanding formed by millions of instants and intentions. There is love, warmth, delicacy and concentrated sensibility in spite of his metaphoric and technologic expressionism combined with sparks of enlightened humanism. There is a constellation of contrasting forms, inside one another,
looking for expression inside the incredible variety of labyrinths
which conform visual existence.

He understands than there is not one way but several ones crossing each other, searching and likening each other in the vibration pathway of intentions. He does not pretend to find a middle term, the half way, the force of determination of an exact equation, but he likes to expand his art, through contrasting forms, looking for sublime and intense visual moments, to experiment climax more than once. Here it is the most
visceral vein in front the most analytical edge, all after testing the most expressive of possibilities of cyber art and painting, his sculpture and murals going through visuality, just to find the human pulse the one which says than perfection is in utopia and not the
reason of the intellectual mind.
We are unknown to ourselves. We are living escaping ahead, when is the reality of our hearts the guidance in combination with the spiritual.
Without ideals and energy there were no earth and purpose. With no machinery, the dialectics of bit, the sound of installations and the strength of the new painting of electric expressionism, the soul of the artist could not exist. And the Canadian artist knows all of this.

Joan Lluis Montane
From the International Association of Art Critics.

Madrid, Spain.
April 2006

Curriculum vitae:

Alberto Cerritos ART SHOWS

Born in San Salvador, El Salvador.
Canadian Citizen since 1992.

Selected Group Exhibitions, Public Art (Monumental Sculpture and Murals):

Invited by the Regional Movement of Argentinean Muralist and the Municipality of Catamarca , Northern Argentina to paint murals.
Invited by the Regional Movement of Argentinean Muralist and the Municipality of Tucuman , Northern Argentina to paint murals.
Invited by the Regional Movement of Argentinean Muralist and the Municipality of Berazategui , Great Buenos Aires, Argentina to paint murals.
Nominated for second time by an International Jury to the Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy.
‘Triada’ Art Exhibition at University of Tlaxcala Art Gallery, Tlaxcala, Mexico.
‘In the World of Singularity’ First International Encounter celebrated with an Art Exhibition and Symposium at Casa Do Brasil, Madrid , Spain.
‘Madrid in Barcelona’ International exhibition at the Canals Art Gallery , Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain.

Invited by The Worldwide Council of Visual Artists (COMAV) to paint murals at the International Encounter of Public Art and Muralism celebrated in Tlaxcala, Mexico.
Art Exhibition ‘Dual’ at the Regional Museum of San Francisco. Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Nominated by an International Jury to the Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy.
Invited by the Government of Changchun City, Xilin Province, China, to the 7th Changchun China International Sculpture Symposium.
Itinerant Art Exhibition, Gentes de Forastia, Rioja, Spain.
HACEMOS Hispanic Heritage Month Art Display, Hispanic Association of Communications Employees of Pacific Bell and "Las Americas Art Studio". Oakland, California. U.S.
"Five Latino Artists from Vancouver", exhibition. Simon Fraser University,. Bby, B.C., Canada.
"Las Americas Art Studio", Art Exhibit. Oakland, California. U.S.
"Muralismo Mundial: a Murals Exhibition"., Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico City., Mexico., 1997.
"Primer Encuentro Mundial de Muralismo" organized by Comav,. Mexico City and Tlaxcala,. Mexico.
Representing both Canada and El Salvador.
"Quartet", Paintings and Drawings, Paneficio Studio, Chinatown, Van., B.C., Canada.
"Festival de Pintura y Escultura Contemporanea", 1-2-3 Gallery, San Salvador, El Salvador. Central America.
"Day and Night", Paintings, Delaney Gallery, Van, B.C., Canada.
"Diptych", Paintings, Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
The Canadian Embassy in Mexico sponsored a touring art exhibition to Puebla, Oaxaca and Guadalajara,. Mexico.
Tour to West Africa sponsored by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Department of International Trade, Canada, exhibiting portable murals, triangular paintings and prints:

.Lagos, Nigeria, The Canadian Club, Victoria Island, Exhibition.
.Yaounde, Cameroon. Center Culturelle Francais. Exhibition & Collaboration Mural.
. Accra, Ghana. The Accra Arts Center. Exhibition & Collaboration Mural.
. Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Biblioteque Nationale. Exhibition.
L'Ecole d'Art Appliqué de Bingerville. Collaboration Mural.
. Dakar, Senegal. Galerie Nationale. Exhibition.
Senghor Cultural Center. Collaboration Mural.

Soul Art Gallery, Gastown. Vancouver, Canada.

"Las Americas", Collaboration Mural. Oakland, California. U.S.
"Spectrum", Bronzes, Himovitz Gallery, San Francisco, California.
Harrison Festival, Portable Murals exhibition, Harrison, B.C., Canada.
Gabriel Flores Gallery, Paintings, University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Cuernavaca-Vancouver International Exchange, Jericho Beach Collective Mural. British Columbia. Canada.
DuMaurier Jazz Festival, Place of Nations Portable Murals Exhibition, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
"Canadian Expressions", Paintings, Salon de la Plastica Mejicana, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Dices", Paintings, Italian Cultural Center, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
"Peace and Solidarity", Collaboration Mural, Morelos University Library, Cuernavaca, Mo., Mexico.
"Cotorreando", Canadian Group Exhibition, Jardin Borda Museum, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
"Comedie", Collaboration Mural at York Theater, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Mayworks Festival, Cutout Paintings, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
"Latinoimages", paintings and drawings, Vancouver East Cultural Center, Van, B.C., Canada.
"Contemporary Art", sculpture and drawings, Jacqueline M. Gallery, Van, B.C., Canada.
"Fear of Others", Collaboration Mural, 4 Corners Community Bank, Van, B.C., Canada.
"L'Art Contre le Racism", International Art Show, Roundhouse, Van, B.C., Canada.
"Images of North and South", Sculpture, Drawings and Paintings Robson Square Media Center, Van, B.C., Canada.


"Seven Latin-American Artists", sculpture and drawings, Jaditte Gallery, New York, U.S.
"La Raza", paintings and sculpture, V.A.Gallery, Concorde University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
"Dos", paintings and sculpture, Gallerie Des Creatures Associes de Val David, Quebec, Canada.
"Maximum", paintings and sculptures, Gallerie Maximum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
"Colectiva de Otoño", bronzes, Aura Art Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Por la Paz y el Desarme", Drawings, Universidad Obrera y Somart. Mexico City, Mexico.
"Colectiva de Invierno", Bronzes, Marstelle Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Subasta por la Paz", Museo Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Colectiva", Bronzes, Marem Art Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Colectiva de Primavera", Bronzes, Poliforum Siqueiros, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Nuestro Rostro, Multimedia Mural, National Auditorium Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Ollin-Movimiento Cuarto", Bronzes, Jardin de la Escultura, Museo de San Carlos, Mexico City, Mexico.
"Solidaridad", Bronzes and Drawings, Centro Cultural de Copilco, U.N.A.M., Mexico City, Mexico.
"Solidarity in Art", Bronzes, Instituto de Artesanias E.D.A., Mexico City, Mexico.
"Pueblo", Drawings and Sculpture, Taller de la Grafica Popular T.G.P., Mexico City, Mexico.
"Canto", Espacio para las Artes, Universidad Catolica U.C.A., San Salvador, El Salvador.


Signo Art Gallery, Sculptures. San Salvador.
Alexis Art Gallery, Sculptures. San Salvador.
Cactus Art Gallery, Sculptures. San Salvador.
"Sacred Woman", Sculptures, Leon Campos Art Gallery, Guatemala City.
"Soteer", Paintings and Sculptures, Artisan's Union Hall, Nueva San Salvador.
"De Mujeres y Cantaros", Paintings and Sculptures, City Hall Art Gallery, Nueva San Salvador.
"Duo", Drawings, City Hall Art Gallery, San Salvador.
"Mayan Festival", Sculptures. Nueva San Salvador.
"Silence", Drawings and Sculptures. City Hall Art Gallery, Delgado City.
"Yab Tuntun", Ceramics, Atlacatl Bank, San Salvador.
"MarthaDora", Drawings, Balboa National Park, San Salvador.
"Uquxkah", Drawings and Sculpture, National Gallery, Cuzcatlan Park, San Salvador.


2001-Orca Cafe, "Zodiac", Portable Mural. Van, B.C., Canada.
1989-Catholic Hispanic Mission, "Transfiguration", Portable Mural. Van., B.C., Canada.
1980-El Calvario Church, "Padre Garassino", Sculpture. San Salvador.
1979-"Mother Memorial", Three meters granite sculpture. Cojutepeque, El Salvador.
"Commemorative Obelisk", Six meters relief in volcanic rock, Tonacatepeque, El Salvador.
1975-1978-"Family Memorial", Seven meters volcanic rock sculpture. Destroyed.
1974-"Piscis Allegory", Three meters granite sculpture, -private home-. San Salvador.
Sculptural work, Hilasal Industrial Complex, San Andres, El Salvador.
1973-"Mother Memorial", Four meters volcanic rock, Central Park, Coatepeque, Santa Ana, El Salvador.
1973-"Madame Fountain", life-size sculpture and "Tropical Ocean", mosaic. Vistalago Hotel. Ilopango Lake, Ilopango. El Salvador.
1971-"Music", 20 meters large size mural on steel and copper, Kismet Shop, San Salvador. With Uquxkah Group.
"Sea Memorial", Seven meters granite sculpture, inspired by a maquette by Spanish sculptor B.Saul., Fuente Luminosa, Avenida Universitaria, San Salvador. With Uquxkah Group.

Collaboration Murals:
‘Exile’, Chicago, USA
‘Fear of Others’, Roundhouse/Four Corners Bank,Vancouver, B.C, Canada.
‘Togetherness’, Taller de las Americas, Oakland, Ca, USA
‘Peace and Solidarity, Taller Siqueiros and University of Morelos Library,
Cuernavaca, Mexico.
‘Faces’, Burnaby, Canada.
‘Northern Quetzalcoatl’, Jericho beach, Vancouver, B.C, Canada.
‘Peace’, French Alliance, Yaounde, Cameroun.
‘Brotherhood’, Central Library, Accra, Ghana.
‘Red and Black’, Ecole des Arts, Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
‘Mirrors’, Leopold Senghor Cultural Center, Dakar, Senegal.

Solo Shows:

"Carnival", Paintings and Sculptures, Simon Fraser Art Gallery, S.F.U. Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
"Vancouveriada", Paintings and Sculptures, Leonardo Da Vinci Art Space, Italian Cultural Center. Van., B.C., Canada.
"Mexican Visions", Paintings. Mexican Fine Art Center Museum. Chicago, Ill., U.S.A.
"Mexican Copybooks", Paintings. Teatro de la Ciudad, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico.
"Ceremonials of Silence", Drawings, Native Village of Nahuizalco, El Salvador.


Narcissus Guide (Contributions for an aesthetics of the third millennia), Essay, 1999.
Aquarius for Peace (A body of written poetry about the end of the 20th Century), 1999.
Rey Mercurio (The Poetry of Painting), 1999.
Digitalis: Venus de Aromatica. (Diary-Manifesto Online), 2000-2001.
Teatralia Narciso Especular (Comedy), 2001-2002.
Cronologia de Heliotropos (Prosa Collage), 2002-2003.
Complex Digital Art: ‘ZIBERGLASS’. (A body of digital art online: 40 Collections), 1997-2006.


UQUXKAH Group, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1970.
Yab TunTun Group, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1971.
Soteer Group, San Salvador, El Salvador, 1975-1979.
S.O.M.A.R.T (Mexican Society for Visual Artists) since 1987 up to the present.
La Raza Group, 1987 to 1989. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
A.I.A., (Arts in Action) from 1989 to 1993. Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Burnaby Arts Council from 1990 to 1994. Burnaby, B.C., Canada.
B.M.S.(Burnaby Multicultural Society) from 1990 to 1994. Burnaby, B.C, Canada.
Visual Arts Worldwide Council (Consejo Mundial de Artistas Visuales, COMAV) since 1989 up to the present. Mexico City, Mexico.
Vancouver Mandolin Society from 1990 to 1996. Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Unartes (Salvadorian Society for Writers and Artists) since 1999, San Salvador, El Salvador.
Group 21 Plus, Changchun, Xilin Province, China since 2004.
La Raza Group, 2005 up to the present. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


The National School of Fine Arts. San Salvador, El Salvador, 1963-1967.
Academy of Sculpture Uquxkah, San Salvador, El Salvador. 1968-1970.
Mural Training with Mexican Masters. Mexico City, Mexico. 1985-1987.
Casting Metals (Aguirre's Foundry), Mexico City, Mexico. 1986-1988.


Monumental Sculpture I
Soteer Atelier, San Salvador, El Salvador. 1975-1979.

Monumental Sculpture II
Gustavo Bermudez Atelier, Mexico City, Mexico. 1983-1985.

Docent. Drawing
Taller de la Grafica Popular, T.G.P., Mexico City, Mexico. 1981-1983.

Workshops. Sculpture
ISSTE - Cultura, Mexico City, Mexico. 1986-1988.

Seminars. Art Theory,
ISSTE - Cultura, Mexico City, Mexico. 1986-1988.

Rodolfo Estrada's Foundry, San Salvador, El Salvador. 1976-1979.
Mario Aguirre's Foundry, Mexico City, Mexico. 1986.

Delgadillo's Atelier, Mexico City, Mexico. 1988.
Siqueiros Atelier, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. 1991.
West Africa (Canadian Tour to Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Senegal), 1993.

Bill Reid's Studio, Granville Island, Van. B.C., Canada. 1989.

Written Poetry
(Fifteen Titles), from 1970 to 1996.

Mexican Copybooks Collection 1980-1988.
Canadian Copybooks Collection 1989 -1994.
Chita's Copybooks sized 9" x 12":
-"Chita, the Shining Muse", (forty one originals),
-"The Blind Bride", (ninety eight originals),
-"The Cherub Cat", (fifty two originals). All black ink on white paper. 1995.

Digital Artist and Webmaster
(Online Art Gallery:, Complex-Visual Arts Studio, Burnaby, B.C, Canada, 1999-2006.

Art Theory, SFU (Simon Fraser University), Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, 1999.
Conferences ‘Contemporary Muralism’, Universidad Iberoamericana, Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. (2004-2005)

He has exhibited in both Solo and Group Shows the last Thirty Seven Years: (1969-2006).


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